Project Overview


PROSPECT+ is building on the results and success of the previous H2020 project – PROSPECT that enabled over 150 cities and regions to learn from their peers about innovative financing schemes and how implement sustainable energy projects. Now, the aim is to engage over 300 Public Authorities (PAs), and over 400 public officers. This will be accomplished through the Capacity Building Programme and additional replication activities.

Cities are the main contributors to pollution and climate change, but they also have the power and opportunity to deliver the highest savings, provide a good example and drive the energy transition. Financing local authorities’ sustainable energy and climate projects is hindered primarily by a lack of internal capacity to identify the most appropriate and cost-effective financing instruments and implementation models.

In this respect, PROSPECT+ continues to support EU cities and regions on their way to successfully implement their local energy and climate actions using innovative financing. The Capacity- Building Programme aims to promote synergies and enhance city decision-making processes regarding the implementation of energy efficiency measures. The Capacity- Building Programme consists of five (5) thematic learning modules 1. Public Buildings, 2. Private Buildings, 3. Transport, 4. Public Lighting, 5. Cross Sectoral:

The learning process will follow a mixed approach combining physical meetings (Study visits and Local mentoring) and teleconferences/webinars.





The PROSPECT+ long term objectives are:
to build the capacity of public authorities in financing sustainable energy plans through peer-to-peer learning activities
• to enhance decision-making of public authorities for them to be leaders in implementing energy efficiency measures
• to assist public authorities and their agencies use the rich experience available
• to help use synergies by linking public authorities at the regional and local levels and their respective associations along with energy policymakers, associations of planners, technical experts, financing bodies on sustainable energy, and local actors in an intra-European network.





The overall methodology of PROSPECT+ consists of 5 structural phases:
1. Preparation of the learning material, tools and concept
2. Engagement of participants & formulation of learning groups (engagement campaign)
3. Launch of 4 learning cycles, starting respectively in February 2022, November 2022, August 2023 and May 2024 to enable cities to choose the best time for them to join
4. Monitoring outcomes and track progress in real-time
5. Replicate learning outcomes through collecting information on the different projects and good practices.



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