Prospect 2020

From June 2017 to November 2020, PROSPECT implemented a peer learning programme in which almost 200 local and regional authorities exchanged knowledge and experience on how to use innovative financing schemes to implement sustainable measures.

The PROSPECT learning programme enabled regional and local authorities to finance and implement their sustainable energy and climate action plans, especially within the framework of the Covenant of Mayors. The programme built upon successful innovative financing schemes implemented in 31 cities and regions in the European Union, who acted as mentors in the PROSPECT learning journey.

PROSPECT helped 149 local and regional authorities and 46 energy agencies and networks to benefit from the lessons learnt and the experience of their peers in order to launch their own investment plans. The overall 195 participants came from 29 European countries and exchanged knowledge on 18 innovative financing schemes through 4 learning cycles and 45 learning groups.

PROSPECT is successfully finished but you still can learn from it!

In this website you will find:

  • Useful materials, learning practices, and a Database of all mentors who participated in PROSPECT.
  • Relevant content to support cities, regions, and energy agencies interested in implementing a project in public lighting or buildings, private buildings, transport or cross-sectoral sustainable topics. See PROSPECT guidebooks and learning modules in the Learning Programme, as well as the Good Practices.
  • Materials that explain the peer learning methods used in PROSPECT, such as the Study Visit and Peer Mentoring Booklets, in case you are also developing a peer learning programme.

To find out more, please visit our Virtual Library and our featured brochures below!