Municipality of Valladolid mentoring in PROSPECT Learning Cycle 3

The Mentor ‘Municipality of Valladolid (ES)’ and Mentees ‘Municipality of Bacau (RO)’, ‘Municipality of Charleroi (BG)’, ‘Municipality of Essen (DE)’, 'Region of Peloponnese (GR)' and ‘Municipality of Vaslui (RO)’ will participate in the 3rd Cycle of the PROSPECT Learning Programme, constituting the 1st Group for Transport. The peer learning activities will be focalised on H2020. +Mentors' Corner

During Step 1 of the Learning Programme, an online session took place on the 28th of May 2019, where Mentor representatives presented best practices related to H2020 funds for transport projects, based on the projects, which have already been implemented. The mentor's experience was presented via several projects. Street lighting in the city of Sozopol, TT- Transforming Transport, S2CITY “It is your city”, URBAN GreenUP, URBAN GreenUP, PEPE4TRANS, CENCYL +

During Step 2, a second online session took place on the 16th of September 2019 and Mentee representatives had the opportunity to present their own projects, pointing out their special needs as well as the respective sectors in which they intend to gain knowledge and experience.

The Mentees will visit Valladolid in Spain to learn about best practices for H2020 in Transport

During Step 3, a two-day site visit was organised on the 3rd and the 4th of September 2019, in Valladolid, Spain. The visit helped the team to talk in detail about all the stages of their project and become more familiar with best practices in transport via extensive presentation from the mentor and targeted site visits.


Image: Electric Bus on the Uruguay Square – Str. Honduras, Valladolid


Image: Clean Logistics: Logistic and Distribution Hub (“CENTROLID”)| Charging Infrastructure in the logistic hub: Fast charging point (public infrastructure), Valladolid


Image: Parking “Feria de Muestras”: Multimodality and easy access to city centre “Park & Ride” area, Smart Apps, Bike public sharing systems : Vallabici, Bike secure parking, Caravans Parking, Valladolid


The 4th and last Step of the Programme took place on the 13th of January 2020, it included an online session dedicated to the assessment and evaluation of the peer learning activities.

Detailed action plans were submitted by the mentees, in light of the new acquired knowledge gained from the mentor. Conditions for success and key parameters that could affect negatively the plans were also identified, along with a benchmark survey that encapsulated all the outcomes of the learning group.

The mentees gained valuable and replicable experience during the proceedings of the learning group. Their main impressions and understanding about the financing scheme is that "Financing from EU fund, national and local fund which support green project. Then private financing". They thought that a great advantage of the financing scheme is that "one can finance new innovative green project which we cannot finance from ordinary fund and we can give priority innovative project." As a possible impediment, mentees recognised that "Funds are not always available". Next steps, for making use of the new gained knowledge include "Developing a network of contacts, train people to use financing opportunities"