Private Buildings

Tipperary County Ireland

Sustainable Tipp

30 million € budget

Private Buildings

Sustainable Tipp



  • Deep retrofitting 500 homes
  • Upgrading 100 community and commercial buildings,
  • Significant actions to scale up the renewable heat part of Tipperary
  • Retrofitting of 4000 public lights in the county. .

  • Characteristics:

    Sustainable Tipp is the implementation of the Sustainable Energy action plan for the county of Tipperary in Ireland. Its actions are across private, public and community buildings in the county. ELENA has funded the project development support. The support was given in the guise of a public service for energy efficiency.

    Stakeholders involved and other partners in implementing the project: Local Authority, owners of single family houses, commercial buildings, community buildings.

    The measure is part of SEAP 2017-2020 “Sustainable Tipp”.

    The total cost of the programme amounts to 30 million euros. 50-70% of the budget has already been secured.

    The programme started on 1st August 2017 and should end mid-2020.

    Annual savings:

  • Annual energy savings: 6800 MWh/a, mainly from oil, electricity, gas
  • Type of fuel before (if applicable): Oil/ gas
  • Type of fuel after the measure (if applicable): Electricity (heat pump)
  • Yearly CO2 reduction: 3500 tCO2/a
  • Renewable energy production: 6400MWh/a


    Financing scheme:

    EIB ELENA, National Renovation programs, Building owners funds and loans





    Agile energy agency, with a high degree of understanding of the technical and organisational issues around energy efficiency. The offering of a public service for energy efficiency in the region, widely disseminated to stakeholders.

    Main Barriers (difficulties):

    Accessing and utilising national sustainable energy support programs, which have been difficult to utilise. Identifying the correct installers etc.