C4_PuL5: OÖ Energiesparverband (ESV) is back mentoring on EPC for Public Lighting

The Mentor OÖ Energiesparverband (ESV)’ (Austria) and Mentees ‘Cyprus Energy Agency/Nicosia’ (Cyprus), ‘Federation of BiH/Sarajevo’ (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Dobrich Municipality (Bulgaria) of the 5th Learning Group for Public Lighting, participated in two online peer learning sessions. The peer learning activities will be focalised on EPC. +Mentors' Corner

The first orientation session (Step 1) of the Learning Programme took place on the 7th of January 2020 when Anja presented the Streetlight-EPC in Upper Austria to the group of mentees. The presentation covered the combination of a strong supporting facilitation service (information and advice services offered by the regional energy agency) and its financial incentive offered by the regional government as the key to the programme's success. Overall, this has led to a functional and well-developed EPC market in Upper Austria with many EPC projects implemented each year. Some of the examples of implemented Streetlight projects in Upper Austria mentioned by Anja happened in the municipalities of Bad Schallerbach, Gunskirchen and Wels (Municipality of Bad Schallerbach, Municipality of Gunskirchen, Large-scale conversion to LED in Wels, Gas station "Pink"), where there was a comprehensive refurbishment of the public lighting system of 790, 727 and 4,200 lighting points to LED, respectively.

After this first session, the mentees could get a better understanding on why Upper Austria EPC has found its place in the portfolio of sustainable energy solutions in the region.

The Step 2, on the 4th of February 2020, had the objective of presenting the mentees´ organisations and the projects they want to implement in their cities and/or regions as well as which innovative financing schemes they would like to apply. The potential projects will be further detailed during the Step 3 and developed with the help of OÖ Energiesparverband (ESV).

Online training on public lighting

In the frame of the PROSPECT Learning Programme on Public Lighting, the mentor, Anja Gahleitner from OÖ Energiesparverband (Austria) invited her colleagues to present the public lighting projects implemented on their territory and, in particular, considering the outcomes of the project Streetlight-EPC. Spread into two days, this online meeting replaced the study visit originally planned by the learning programme. .




The Mentor OÖ Energiesparverband (ESV)’ (Austria) and Mentees ‘Cyprus Energy Agency/Nicosia’ (Cyprus), and Dobrich Municipality (Bulgaria), virtually met for the 4th and last Step of the PROSPECT learning Programme.This last meeting was the final occasion for the mentees discuss and exchange about what they wish to adopt from what they learnt in this programme to their cases. Despite the missed chance to meet in person, however, the learning programme demonstrated its validity by supporting the mentees in the planning (and development) of projects for the establishment of public lighting projects.

The Dobrich Municipality is planning to change 900 existing High-pressure sodium lamp (150 W) with LED (65W). This will lead to a reduction of more than twice the installed power use of this part of the street lighting system of the city. Furthermore, it will be estimated additional monetary savings regarding the future maintenance of this part of the street lighting system.

The Cyprus Energy Agency is focusing on the set up of public lighting in the mountainous areas of Troodos, Greece.