The physical meeting took place in the City of Maribor on November 22nd and 23rd. Dr. Vlasta Krmelj, Director of Energy agency of Podravje, a European Energy Manager and certified expert for energy certificates for buildings has been a wonderful host in Slovenia to Dr. Fernando Noivo, Energy Municipality Manager, from Portuguese Municipality of Loures. During the visit they had the opportunity to talk about all general steps needed to start the procurement for EPC, as well as all necessary clauses a true EPC contract should entail.


After the theoretical part, on both days there was a site visit organised to nearby municipalities, in order to witness three examples of EPC realized in practice. First visit was to Municipality Radje ob Dravi, where EPC was used to refurbish an old municipality building. This scheme is interesting as it includes a public and a private owner which share the building. Also, the municipality has refurbished 486 luminaries, or almost entire public lighting through EPC, making it not only new and modern, but the lighting also changes colours in the ones chosen by citizens as the most attractive. The second day was a day for meeting an EPC project manager, Mr. Tomaž Pristovnik in Slovenska Bistrica, who shared his positive experience of implementing EPCs in 16 of their public buildings.

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PROSPECT Learning Cycle 1 is ongoing! EnergaP mentoring

The Mentor ‘EnergaP - Energy Agency of Podravje (SI)’ and Mentee ‘Câmara Municipal de Loures (PT)’ of the 3rd Learning Group participated in the online session on the 21st of June 2018.

The Local Energy Agency of Podravje presented the project ‘Establishing markets for the uptake of guaranteed energy services in the form of energy performance contracts’, a work programme aiming at an increased market uptake of guaranteed energy services through raising knowledge, transparency and trust. More specifically, the programme will provide support to concrete projects and promote energy performance contracts (EPC) in 9 European regions by using street lighting refurbishment as a learning and testing ground, fostered by the provision of regional EPC facilitation services. It consists of the following main actions: Internal capacity building and setting up regional ESCO facilitating services; Provision of regional EPC facilitation services; Financing EPC projects; Supporting and implementing real-life procurements of EPC street lighting projects; Applying the knowledge to other EPC applications; European dissemination and networking. The total savings are expected to exceed 32,000 MWh , as well as it is planned that 2 new ESCOs will be established in each of the involved regions.

During Step 2 of the Learning Programme, a second online session took place on the 28th of August 2018. The Mentee presented the project ADAO BARATA PUBLIC PARK, aiming at the replacement of all the public lighting at a public park for LED technology. The project is currently in the development phase with a total budget of 57,000 €. It is expected that this project will lead to annual monetary savings of 11,000 € and annual emission reduction of approximately 33 tCO2. Specific needs to be addressed during the visit by the mentor were discussed as well. More details will be provided soon.