The City of Assen mentoring in PROSPECT Learning Cycle 3

The Mentor ‘City of Assen (NLD)’ and Mentees ‘City Council of Girona (ESP)’, ‘ATES di Parma (ITA)’ and ‘City of Leuven (BEL)’ will participate in the 3rd Cycle of the PROSPECT Learning Programme, constituting the 2nd Group for Private Buildings. The peer learning activities will be focalised on ASCM. +Mentors' Corner

During Step 1, an online session will take place, where Mentor representatives will present the ASCM model for the City of Assen. A project with an innovative financing scheme, which is currently being implemented.

During Step 2 of the Learning Programme, a second online session will take place and Mentee representatives will have the opportunity to present their own projects, pointing out their special needs as well as the respective sectors in which they intend to gain knowledge and experience.

The Mentees will visit the City of Assen in Netherlands to learn about best practices for Private Buildings

Step 3 includes the physical meeting, where representatives from all the participating cities and regions will have the chance to talk in detail about all the stages of their project and become more familiar with clean energy best practices via targeted site visits.


The 4th and last Step of the Programme will include an online session dedicated to the assessment and evaluation of the peer learning activities.

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