Innovative Financing Ambassadors


Through the Innovative Financing Ambassadors Scheme, we give recognition to the PROSPECT+ mentees and mentors and support them in sharing information about the various financing options with those public authorities who have been unable to join our capacity-building programme. The Ambassadors are promoted for their commitment to improving the effectiveness of implementing the local energy and climate action plans in their countries.


Who are our ambassadors? 

The Innovative Financing Ambassadors Scheme encourages mentees who have participated in our learning cycles to step forward and take the lead in promoting various implementation models and financing instruments that can accelerate the energy transition and climate action. These dedicated individuals, currently representing Albania, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy and Moldova, share their valuable insights on the various ways cities can achieve energy targets while reducing dependence on subsidies. 

Our ambassadors have not only actively participated in our learning cycles but have also shown an unwavering commitment to accelerating climate action, achieving energy targets, and exploring innovative financing instruments. 

Meet Our Ambassadors: 

  • Cristina Smolenschi, Municipality of Straseni, Moldova  
  • Konstantinos Asikis, representing Municipality of Farkadona, Greece 
  • Sanela Mikulčić Šantić, representing KLIK energy cooperative, Croatia 
  • Sandrine de Ternay, representing Albertville, France  
  • Santo Abate, representing Municipality of San Lucido, Italy 
  • Vera Shiko, representing Albanian Business Cooperation Development, Albania 

Who can become a PROSPECT+ Innovative Financing Ambassador?

We select the Ambassadors among the PROSPECT+ mentors and mentees committed to supporting the capacity building of local actors in their respective countries. The Ambassadors want to support climate action and energy transformation and increase awareness of the practicalities of using less traditional financing instruments.

How to become a PROSPECT+ Innovative Financing Ambassador?

If you want to become a PROSPECT+ Innovative Financing Ambassador, please read the FAQ (PDF) and submit your Expression of Interest or talk to your facilitator, who will explain the selection process.

What are the benefits?

The Ambassadors receive various materials that help them explain the practicalities of using innovative financing instruments to their local partners. They get invited to speak at the replication and policy webinars and meetings for the Community of Practice members, presenting their expertise to a broad network of external stakeholders. They also have an opportunity to contribute to the policy briefs and policy dialogue so that their voice is heard by key players. Five top Ambassadors will be invited to join an additional international study visit of their choice to further improve their understanding of the respective innovative financing instrument. We will also offer reimbursement of the costs of organising in-person or online meetings in their countries. 

Read more about the benefits here (PDF).

What are the selection criteria? 

The main selection criterium is the potential to ensure a snowball effect. The Ambassadors are selected based on their experience and proposed scope of their involvement, with priority given to those participants with the most advanced expertise in delivering successful projects with the use of innovative financing instruments and to those that have experience with bringing together various stakeholders.  

Deadline for applications

We accept applications on an ongoing basis (the opportunity to join study visits depends on the learning cycles for Prospect+ mentees). 


Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Application form: click here




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