Informative webinar

How can local and regional authorities meet their climate and energy goals with reduced dependence on subsidies: support through PROSPECT+

The climate targets are increasingly ambitious, and the scale of the challenge faced by local and regional authorities all across Europe requires increased use of other-than-subsidies financing instruments for investments in sustainable energy and low-emission mobility. This webinar introduced the variety of innovative financing instruments and the opportunities to get an in-depth understanding of their practical use through best-practice exchange with peers across Europe under a capacity-building project PROSPECT+. Participants also learnt about the opportunity to join the project as a mentee More information and the detailed agenda of the webinar can be found here.

Main challenges to sustainable energy investment for local and regional authorities in Europe | Christophe Milin, CINEA
How will PROSPECT+ support local and regional authorities across Europe to access financing for investments in sustainable energy and mobility? | Sylwia Slomiak, Eurocities
How to secure resources to accelerate investments in sustainable energy and low-emission transport: Introduction to innovative financing instruments and how to choose the right one | Carolin Anders, Adelphi
How to choose the best way forward? The benefits of getting involved in PROSPECT+ as mentors, mentees and participants of the Community of Practice | Jana Cicmanova, Energy Cities

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