How PROSPECT+ empowers local authorities in Europe’s energy transition: Key Insights from an online seminar

How PROSPECT+ empowers local authorities in Europe’s energy transition: Key Insights from an online seminar

On 24th Jan 2024

The challenge 

Georg Houben from the European Commission’s DG Ener emphasised the integral role of local authorities in achieving climate neutrality and the ambitious targets set by the EU Green Deal and the 'Fit for 55' package (55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030). Georg also talked about how innovative financing, when coupled with effective planning and communication, can lead to impactful outcomes. The aggregation of demand by cities and regions makes projects more attractive to investors, reducing risks and increasing feasibility.  

Innovative financing options 

Sylwia Slomiak from Eurocities outlined a variety of innovative financing instruments public authorities can use for their energy transition. Those may include e.g. Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), green bonds, guarantee funds, revolving funds, soft loans, intracting and citizen finance (cooperatives and crowdfunding). Because choosing the right one may be challenging for public authorities with no prior experience, PROSPECT+ provides free support and a chance to learn from and collaborate with peers across Europe. 

The final opportunity to join the capacity-building programme 

Anke Mollers from Energy Cities talked about the rules and practicalities of participating in PROSPECT+ and explained the application process for the last learning cycle, which was launched on 22 January. Anke also explained the selection and matching process and detailed the eligibility criteria, such as relevance to the project's themes, potential impact, and commitment level.  

Free tools and policy dialogue 

We also presented various tools PROSPECT+ prepared to help cities and regions identify the best financing models. These include handbooks, a decision matrix, a finance readiness assessment tool, a database of replicable practices, and more. 

Attendees also learned about the benefits of participating in the PROSPECT+ policy dialogue. The more contributions PROSPECT+ receives, the more leverage public authorities can collectively have to influence policy decisions that affect them. 

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