The tool is cool: instruments and solutions for effective energy and climate planning

The tool is cool: instruments and solutions for effective energy and climate planning

On 16th Jan 2024

Three innovative projects - IN-PLAN, Regio1st, and PROSPECT+ - have partnered up to bring you a webinar focused on presenting tools which can help the local actors make significant steps towards climate neutrality and foster discussion between stakeholders from different levels of governance: from regional authorities, national governments and European institutions. Participants will leave equipped with practical tools and strategies to transform their cities into exemplars of energy efficiency and sustainability.

IN-PLAN’s long-lasting support for local authorities

IN-PLAN will showcase its unique approach, offering enduring support to local and regional authorities. This initiative focuses on integrating energy and climate planning with spatial planning. It emphasizes political commitment at all levels and aligns sustainable measures with dedicated local and regional budgets, ensuring a holistic approach to urban sustainability.

Regio1st’s structured planning framework

Regio1st will present its Planning Framework, a comprehensive solution for regional energy planners in Europe. This framework promotes the development and execution of sustainable, cost-effective energy strategies. It prioritizes energy savings in buildings, system flexibilities, and other energy efficiency solutions, aligning with the Energy Efficiency First (EE1st) principle.

PROSPECT+’s financial and implementation tools

PROSPECT+ will introduce its developing tools designed to aid cities and regions in financing and implementing their sustainable energy and climate plans (SECAPs) or similar initiatives. These tools are part of a capacity-building program based on peer-to-peer learning and support.



Moderator: Giulia Pizzini (IEECP)

  • 10:00 – Welcome and introduction, Giulia Pizzini, IEECP
  • 10:05 Tim Mandel, Fraunhofer, Regio1st and its Planning Framework
  • 10:25 Michael Doran, South East Energy Agency, Regio1st Irish pilot
  • 10:45 Fabrizia Salvi, AREA Science Park – the IN-PLAN practice and the Italian experience
  • 11:05 – Danai Sofia Exintaveloni and Sophia Theodoropoulou, UPRC – PROSPECT+ and its Finance Readiness and the Decision Matrix Tools
  • 11:25 Panel discussion with speakers
  • 11:55 Concluding remarks



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