Developing financial readiness throughout the Capacity Building Programme - Project Finance Readiness Handbook for mentors and mentees

Date: February 2022

Short Description: This handbook will help you to further develop the mentee’s project proposal for financial institutions and enhance the project’s financial readiness. You will learn about the different components of a project proposal, what stakeholders need to be involved in, carrying out analyses required for approaching public or private financiers, and how to create a working plan. As a mentor you will learn how you can support your mentees throughout the CBP with building financial readiness of their project by sharing your experiences.

Guidelines for applicants

Date: March 2023

Authors: Blandine Pidoux, Jana Cicmanova (Energy Cities)

Short Description: This document aims to provide useful guidelines to applicants so that cities and regions get all the information needed about the PROSPECT+ capacity-building programme. It answers questions on the PROSPECT+ application process: eligibility, selection and matching criteria, and provides further information on the modalities of participation for mentors and mentees, as well as the expected commitment.

Detailed structure and plan for the CBP

Date: July 2022

Authors: Jen Heemann (IEECP)

Short Description: This document provides an overview of the following: (1) A comprehensive outline of the Capacity Building Programme (CBP), including description of the methods, participants roles, and steps, which will be used to inform the website’s FAQ session and as supporting text for booklets; (2) The template for the Action Plan, the main document to be used by the participants of the CBP, which includes brief explanation of each step and spaces to be filled in by the participants in order to document their projects and progress throughout the CBP.

Guidance notes for mentors

Date: June 2022

Authors: OÖ Energiesparverband (ESV)

Short Description: The objective of the Guidance notes for the PROSPECT+ mentors is that each mentor is aware of his/her role and steps of the CBP and to contribute to the quality of the programme delivery.

Guidance notes for facilitators

Date: February 2022

Authors: Sylwia Slomiak (Eurocities)

Short Description: The aim of the Guidance notes for the PROSPECT+ facilitators is to summarise the role of the facilitators and the tools designed to ensure equally high quality of the work by all PROSPECT+ mentors and mentees.

Μonitoring guidelines for the success of the Capacity Building Programme

Date: February 2022

Authors: Danai Sofia Exintaveloni (UPRC)

Short Description: This document presents the monitoring framework that will be used in PROSPECT+ to ensure the successful implementation of the capacity building programme (CBP). The monitoring guidelines present the important indicators that will be measured, the monitoring activities and tools developed, the responsible parties for the monitoring of the indicators and the metric reporting and the frequency of reporting of the monitoring outcomes.

Guidebook for the Upgraded Decision-Making Matrix

Date: August 2023

Authors: Sophia Theodoropoulou (UPRC)

Short Description: This document serves as the Guidebook for Recommendation-Decision Matrix tool that was developed during the H2020 PROSPECT project and was updated in the context of the H2020 PROSPECT+ project. The tool is designed to support local and regional governments on their first decision-making steps against a wide array of innovative schemes for financing their climate and sustainability actions across 5 different sectors, public buildings, private buildings, public lighting, transportation, and cross-sectoral.

Communication Toolkit

Date: January 2022

Authors: Danai Sofia Exintaveloni, Alexandros Flamos (UPRC)

Short Description: This document presents the PROSPECT+ Communication Toolkit which serves as a collection of materials (e.g., logo, templates, postcards, website, etc.) developed to establish the project’s identity and to raise awareness about the scope and activities of the project.


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