Seeking ELENA funding? PROSPECT+ is here to assist!

Seeking ELENA funding? PROSPECT+ is here to assist!

On 16th Jan 2024

Enhance your expertise in creating successful ELENA projects with the guidance of PROSPECT+. ELENA, the European Local ENergy Assistance program, is instrumental in offering technical assistance for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in buildings, as well as aiding sustainable urban transportation initiatives. We are excited to present two unique opportunities for you to delve deeper into this field.

PROSPECT+ tailored mentoring

Our first offering is the final open call of PROSPECT+, where the Association of Local Energy Managers (SEMMO) will host a focused group on ELENA financing. By registering for the open call, you will receive customized guidance, helping you navigate the complexities of ELENA funding and maximizing its potential for your initiatives.

The European Investment Bank webinar

Our second opportunity is a webinar organized by the European Investment Bank (EIB) on 29 January 2024, from 10:30 to 12:00 CET. This session is dedicated to understanding the ELENA facility, featuring senior experts and special guests who will elucidate how ELENA operates and its benefits at national, regional, and local levels. The webinar aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the grant application process, detailing eligible investment areas, and presenting real-world success stories from current-funded projects.

A highlight of the webinar will be the exploration of the "ELENA effect," showcasing flagship projects that demonstrate the transformative impact of innovative approaches in overcoming challenges. A particular emphasis will be placed on the theme of "ELENA – a case for business leadership," underscoring the role of ELENA in driving forward-thinking business strategies in the energy sector.

Register now to be part of these enlightening experiences and take a significant step forward in your professional development in the field of sustainable energy.

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10:30 Welcome

‍Katrina Sichel (moderator)

10:35 Putting the "ELENA effect" into motion: boosting skills, scale, and impact

Louise White, Coordinator of the ELENA facility

‍Assen Gasharov, Senior Expert ELENA facility

11:00 Open discussion

with Alice Morcrette, General Director of PASS Renovation (Régie régionale du Service public de l’Efficacité énergétique de Picardie, FR) and Frederik Hindryckx, General Director of VEB (Vlaams Energiebedrijf nv, Belgium), about investments in Energy efficiency and renewable energies in private homes and multiapartment buildings

11:40 Putting the ELENA effect into motion: boosting skills, scale, and impact

12:00 Closing




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