Recommendations - Decision Matrix

The PROSPECT+ Recommendations-Decision Matrix tool is specifically designed to assist local government organisations navigate through a wide range of innovative financing schemes for urban climate planning, and determine which one will be the most suitable to be adopted based on project-specific characteristics and the general framework conditions.

It takes the form of a dynamic self-assessment tool with a set of 31 questions covering 5 different sectors of recommendations:

For each sector, there can be different innovative financing schemes to choose from. By going through the assessment framework and simply selecting one of the pre-determined (Yes/No/Partially) answers provided, an ease of implementation rate (%) for each financing scheme is given.

As a general rule, all questions are equally weighted and by positively responding to them the ease of implementation rate increases indicating which financing scheme is the most suitable choice for your city/region.

More information to help you make a choice based on project-specific characteristics is also available in the PROSPECT Learning Handbooks.

Check out the tool's Guidebook

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Financial Indicators Calculator


Template for calculating financial indicators

This template will help you to calculate financial indicators for your energy projects. You will need to have an understanding of the capital investment costs, the operating and maintenance costs and the expected returns of your project. By entering the costs and returns in the respective tabs the dashboard will show the expected cash flows for your project and calculate the most important financial indicators – the net present value, the payback period and the internal rate on return. For a definition of these indicators please see the glossary on financial terms. You can download the template in order to fill in your values.




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